By Jeff Koopersmith, Editor

I am certain most of you have noticed Sarah Palin popping up here and there on slow news days. What a tragedy befalls us thanks to idiot producers on most events and commentary sites, channels, and newspapers.

I hoped that more than a decade after meeting her we would be finished with her, her idiot husband, and freaky kids – the only normal one who deserves our protection is her little boy who suffers from a terrible illness still not curable.

Sarah Palin is newsworthy – CNN tells me  – because she was once the Governor of Alaska and more importantly the spawn of that moronic and very old senator from Arizona who had the gall to run to President under the GOP banner and who married lots of beer money or would be long gone from the congress by now.

But in truth Sarah Palin has been buried in the dustbin of political history for almost eight years and there should she stay.  What a beast she is. She loves to kill animals she doesn’t have to eat. She teaches little children – her own son – how to kill wild animals using a helicopter as transport.  She drags a shotgun around like it was a bag of potatoes.  She dresses inappropriately most of the time, and, she is aging – looking more like a blackjack dealer in Vegas than a former wannabee vice president of the United States.

Sarah Palin is most likely a nice woman, but she is a pioneering jerk and worse, one of the spearheads of the obnoxious Tea Party who have almost destroyed America by streaming out of their trailers and displaying almost every terrible opinion that someone can shout.

The Tea Party although they deny it – is populated by who many would call losers – They are those of us who think they have a raw deal because they are White and still poor and stupid.  So, they attack people in even worse situations – or so they think – and preach about war, killing, bombing, shooting everything and everyone in sight who isn’t like they see themselves. The are, in general, the white larva of future American terrorists.

Already the FBI and other intelligence agencies keep their eyes and ears on the Tea Party the most vicious of their members.  The Tea Party whined that the IRS was asking them “all kinds of questions” and questioning the right to become a “charity”.  The truth is that every tax-advantaged group is closely examined by the IRS because so many of them are simply claiming tax freedom for donor money as a cloak for more nefarious purposes.  I know – I have been a director of more than a few real charitable organizations – some of which the Tea Party itself would close because they benefitted the poorest people on earth.

The Tea Party could play a fine role in American politics. They could, for instance, call for everyone in Congress in 2015 to be replaced – not by one of their neonazi favorites – but by anyone with a brain – AND a heart. A heart is what they omit except when it comes to repopulate the earth with people who are clones of themselves.  They bomb abortion clinics for that purpose. Some even kill doctors and staff who may have performed an abortion – and of course they are all evangelistic and Christian.  One will not find many Jews in the Tea Party nor Muslims, or Latter Day Saints, Catholics, and Bahais.

The tea party, personified in the body and brain of Sarah Palin, is thankfully losing its magnetism of late and some Tea Party hangers-on actually make sense on one or two issues.

The best thing the Tea Party might do is disband and come together again under some new umbrella  – perhaps a group that takes care of people even poorer and dumber than they are. Now wouldn’t that be something?

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