. . .they didn’t complain when we used terrorism as a major weapon against those Brits! They helped!
How the French Loot Africa

By Jeff Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus

It strikes me as odd that the Media is going wild for France when all those hacks really enjoy are the Hot Spots like Cannes and only certain arrondissement in Paris – the costly ones.

One would think a nuclear weapon was set off in that City where every person or citizen of FORMERLY FRENCH ARAB COLONIES came in on easy-to-get visas since the French are liberal and good people.  Yet so many remained trapped in French minority-related poverty as so many of our own people of color also stay poor in reality and spirit.

Take a look at French history with Syria – and more, what they might lose is they don’t terrify the jihadists.

Also, you may know, French Jews began leaving Paris especially – but from all over France because they knew how Arabic peoples in the Med and Africa felt about the French who were also well known anti.  French+Jew+Inbred French antisemitism+Arab antisemitism meant – “Hey we better get outta here bubby!.” And so they did – check it out –  and not just last year – but from the late 1990s on.

However, to be “shocked” at the latest blood bath in France is to be ignorant and the French people should be protesting their government – not a war they cannot afford and not a war against Islam – because Islam is not the reason that these terrorists are doing the dirty. France should have (1) protected their people better, and (2) before that – made certain the people they used so tragically around the world during the 18th and 19th centuries be given a leg-up – more than an EasyVisa to spend money in France or take a lousy job.  They should have invested in those they conquered and not allowed the most evil of leftovers to brutalize their own people.

While most Arabs come from an Islāmic background – they also come from the some of the toughest poverty on earth where women are treated as feces, and girls are killed should they be born to male-less parents.

I have traveled somewhat widely in Muslim nations. In fact just before that moron Dick Cheney (now well-known) fooled George W with purportedly phony information about the poison gas and nukes in Iraq I leased a home on Lake Lugano in Italy and planned, for the next to years, to travel all over the Arab world because I was getting on in age and worried I could not do it in the next decade. There was much to be seen that I had not.

I made it Tunisia.  I was there two weeks before the Arab nightmare began.  I like to think that the wonderful Tunisian people I met on the ferry from Italy and all around town joined the Democratic train because I came.  Even then I knew something was up because I was at the most popular beach town in Tunisia and was about one of five people there vacationing. I had a wonderful time. The cabana staff gave me the wooden number plaque from my little changing room on the sand because I asked them about family, friends schools and more.

The pooh-poohed the idea that radical Arabs were fighting for Allah.  almost everyone I talked – educated or not – talked first about the Dictators that kept most of them in poverty, and the Imams that helped them.  That isn’t to say they don’t believe in their God – but it does mean that they might truly be fighting for freedom against their own Tyrants now that the time has come.

And in Tunisia, the time came quickly and without too much fuss.

So – Main Stream Media and comedy channels like Fox – don’t be fooled by this BS about Islam vs. Christian and Jew et al. That is like repeating over and over that the American Revolution was about Religious Freedom – It was not. It was about freedom for some, and greed from most others.

Look back throughout our own history and you will find that every time we have domestic unrest it’s about freedom and equality – not religion.  The Arabs feel the same. Of course they do. They are not the idiots you might think they are. They are far more educated than in past centuries – and even then they were fighting for dictators who denied them freedom and equality and instead – just like we do – threatened them with DEATH as the last resort, or the first, for “abandoning” their desert posts.

Arabs and Africans no matter their religion are tired of Kings and Dictators, Emirs, and Imams.  They want to put the men and women in official status who might take some time to worry about them – their problems, their lack of freedom. They are sick, literally, of being ignored.

This does not mean I am against fighting terrorists who threaten people all over the earth. What it does mean is that our own leaders should come clean and tell us we are fighting for our own freedom and equality barely given because if we don’t we will end up like the very people we now loathe – and perhaps not because we are so innocent.  I love my America, but I too am tiring of little and bigger wars that seem never to stop – but rarely threaten us.

Remember – we loathed the English. Now we love them – hugging them from our “special relationship” – which is exactly what?

We saved them from Hitler. And today we are praying for, as we should, the French people who are paying a price for being our allies and for their forbearers’ cruelty to the “colonies”.

When these criminals crowds pour into America to punish us for our Cheney-Bush shenanigans, will the French be there for us? I hope so – but with humility and mais sans hypocrisie.

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