GOP “Debates” a Typical Fox News Joke



So call me stupid.

By: Jeff Koopersmith

8 August 2015 – I actually watched the loser “can’t-di-dates” on Fox around 5 PM last evening. Then throughout the night I watched something worse – the ten “Might-be-winners” “debate” – i mean orate – I mean stammer through the first chance at revealing themselves to the public through the eyes of the usual morons at Fox including Megyn Kelly who got a mouthful from Donald Trump. I’ve heard Trump call her a bimbo privately, although I was sitting at a table near him – it could have been one of the others but I don’t think so.

Look, to save your time and mine:

The Fox production of Goobers on Parade One and Two were the biggest waste of time this year. The questioners were rude, the participants were rude or croaking about something that had nothing to do with becoming the President of the United States.

For instance “Dr.” Ben Carson reported that he was qualified to run a government with hundreds of thousands of employees and a mighty military because he had “cut a brain in half” and operated on a baby in the womb. Now I am sure these were breakthrough surgeries – but any doctor worth his salt – including that total idiot and quickly disappearing Dr. Rand Paul would immediately admit that doctors knowledge is quite narrow – mainly in the fields of animal husbandry, butchering, cooking and sailing Hinckley 50 foot yachts.

All one has to do is look at the past Surgeon Generals to realize that doctors can’t be in charge of much but an operating room. And that’s fine – but please stop voting for doctors – they are simply fancy mechanics – and usually very good people but certainly not master deal-makers.

Trump was Trump but the only frivolity he offered was admitting he called a fat television star – a fat slob. I will not name that person – but it was funny and the camera was off Megyn Kelly who quoted him – (wrongly) with that line which to her was much longer than it was in reality.

Thus far no one has asked Donald Trump the real questions that should be asked. Someday soon, someone will – and then all hell will break loose!

That’s all folks!

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