The Four Faces of Rachel Dolezal

4 Faces of Rachel Dolezal
Rachel Dolezal proved an imperative point for Americans

There is No Such Thing as Race! Rachel Dolezal Lynched by All the Media in America

By Jeff Koopersmith

15 June 2015

Rachel Dolezal was the President of the Spokane NAACP chapter and has been allowing Americans to think she is an African-American or more likely ignoring Americans and others who describe Rachel Dolezal as an African-American and just being human.

Two things are certain:
1. There is total scientific agreement that essentialist and typo-logical conceptualizations of race are untenable. In short there is no such thing as “race”. Race is not determined by features or typical appearances. There is no race save the Human Race.

2. Rachel Dolezal was raised in a family of mixed race. She had dark-skinned siblings who racists would describe as Black or African-American as if all dark skinned people were only from Africa.


When this story broke that Rachel Dolezal was really of the White Race, there was a long pause among news editors. Of course right wing publications called for her dismissal as head of an NAACP chapter in Washington state. The middle of the road or leftish media stayed stuck – wondering just what to say.

The every-day violators pretended Rachel somehow gained something from allowing people to believe she was a dark-skinned or black American  But the truth is that she lost almost everything today except her pride – and what she lost was her position, her accomplishments, the respect of her own parents, and more.

There was nothing to be gained by Rachel Dolezal by being Black and a Woman in this, a tragic human rights culture.  She was smart enough to get into the schools she attended whether her color was white or green. She was able enough to be hired in an executive position by the NAACP in charge of an entire state’s activities on behalf of human rights and progress.

Then, somehow,  the dam broke and all of our news-cretins decided that Rachel was “posing” as an African American woman and somehow gaining from it- yet she had checked both WHITE and BLACK on forms and refuses to discuss race at all unless cornered to say things she would not normally say – much as I have, since science and the bible have never described any race but have identified Humans – which others later expanded to The Human Race.

Science agrees that there are us – living beings on earth that can be described as the Human Race – yet idiots do not describe fish as the Fish Race, or Apes as the Monkey Race, nor Polar bears as the White Race of Bears, or Black Bears as the Black Bear Race. These are simply fish and bears with different markings and different colored hair and surprise – there are both Black Polar Bears and White Black Bears et al.

It’s it interesting that most writers and news-people do not describe Asians as “The Yellow Race” – not for almost 100 years when English-speaking morons  for a relatively short time called Asians and especially Japanese people – “The Yellow Peril”.

So here we are, in the 21st Century where Americans voted TWICE for a Human president, Barack Hussein Obama, who is – of course, described by the media as an African-American, or a Black president.

He is neither – he is simply our American President whose father was a Human from Kenya and whose mother was a Human as well.  Barack Obama is also simply a Human,  and like all multi-genetic people which 99% of us are- could claim he was White, but to my knowledge Obama never has.

People at Fox News make their horrible snide remarks about President Obama’s race and predilection to help the poor and the dark-skinned in Chicago as an activist.  However Barack Obama is also white; could he not have done the same without Fox News mentioning it – disguised as a “left” or “commie” thing to do by their idiot news analysts?

Rachel’s parents are far more difficult to understand. For some, what appears to be very sick reasons, they allowed themselves to be put on television decrying their own daughter Rachel as “posing” as an African American.

Why they would do this is a question for a psychiatrist or perhaps a good lawyer?  Either way, this man and women, her mother and father,  seem to have an ego-centered idea of how to “punish” their daughter Rachel for “pretending” she was of the Black Race even though she is of the White Race – Both of which do not exist.

There can be no sane reason for doing so. Period.

Rachel told the press, as her life began to crumble, that she did not speak with her parents over a legal issue of some sort. To date – there is no explanation about the type of litigation this is, or was.  I believe it was something far deeper in Rachel’s mind that pushed her to disown that part of her known as “White”.

I will not repeat what the mainstream or neonazi media said about Rachel Dolezal except to write that she was called every mean, ignorant, and illiterate name in the book, and even though the NAACP seemed to stand behind her for a day or two – it appears they have decided to sacrifice her to stooges like Dr. Keith Ablow – a skinhead hair-brained psychiatrist for hire – principally by Fox News -the most racist cable-news channel ever witnessed in the West.

In addition Rachel Dolezal did a fine job with life – and an outstanding one in her position at the NAACP and successfully promoted political, educational, and economic justice for all people – not all Races.

I believe that Rachel suffered some kind of trauma brought on by society and possibly her parents. At worst if she was their only “pink” skinned child she might have felt somewhat removed from her siblings who were darker skinned and would be called American Blacks by the media I presume.

They were simply American people – All of them.

That trauma, perhaps, resulted in Rachel’s discard of any mention or interrogatory regarding race.  Since the NAACP does not hire only darker skinned Americans the question of whether Rachel is posing as Black or refuses to accept any label of race inasmuch as these labels have only been extended by ignorant and tyrannical interests throughout history. This is a fact, not a dream.

Race was originally defined as where a person lived, not what color, they were, or how big their noses or lips were, or how light or dark their hair was, or whether it was curly or straight.

People like Adolph Hitler and sadly, many American politicians and writers today, think it’s okay to deny science and pretend to themselves that there is something called Race and sub-races in the Human Race.

No matter how Rachel  is perceived by unthinking Americans who now seem to make up the vast majority of our population, I offer that whether she posed, acted, or did not act – the intent or non-intent of her actions did no harm to anyone, and instead allowed me to point  out this truth:

No Democracy, and certainly not 350 million mutts that make up the American population should ever discuss RACE as anything but a term used by idiots, dullards, or subversives.

Today I ask you to end all discussions and questions regarding RACE or Ethnicity on any application or for any reason, including inquiries from the Census Bureau or any other governmental organization, and also to call upon Congress to offer up laws which would make such a felony in the United States and a violation of human rights internationally.  They use “race” supposedly to offer help to the downtrodden – but every color of skin is recognizable as needy.

Enough is enough.

We should she be ashamed of ourselves for allowing this kind of treachery to go on this long.

Time to stop. And now.



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