The Snoring Politics Of April and May Thusfar

Disguised as  Uncle Sam - corporate handouts for votes
Disguised as Uncle Sam – corporate handouts for votes

10 May 2015 – I have kept a close watch on GOP presidential contest announcements and must tell you I am bored to death.  The only serious player thus far is Jeb Bush and he isn’t really playing at all.  The Fox News “leaders” – the likes of Rand Paul, Ben Carson, and Walker of Wisconsin haven’t made a front page story anywhere I can tell with the exception of their own web site.

Americans are again caught up in fear of Jihad this week following the Texas shootout at Pam Geller’s “Draw God” cartoon reunion which she claims celebrates Free Speech – but this celebration caused the death of two young would-be terrorists who seemed to be prepared to shoot up Geller’s little hate fest in what seems to be the xenophobic center of the Earth – Texas.

That said, a second runner up for news coverage is Texas again – this time because it appears to be targeted by the heavens for terrible weather including deadly “twisters” and other violent storms on almost a daily basis.

The third runner up seems to be cop-killers – and the horrible result of the deaths of too many police shot during what should have been normal stops – at least the way is being told.  This should be the first concern of the media because it reminds us that the first “bad shooting” in Ferguson, Missouri was only a small part of the frustration felt by minorities and especially African Americans who are reaping the unbridled but covered racism served up by Rush Limbaugh and Roger Ailes of Fox News.

Like the 1960s, the 1980s, and the 1990s – ghettos are erupting, not from hatred of police specifically but fear and loathing of those who implement society’s punishment to those of us who can’t cope – either because of ‘no fair chance’ or the latest remodeling of corporate and small business hiring that seems not to include hiring anyone but code writers and other computer-related positions along with part time jobs that do not offer enough hours each week to make the new hire eligible for medical insurance.

Again – the youngsters of Americans ghettos are looking at the window at 3 years of age and realizing they have little chance to make it according the dreams they see on television or computers.  So, at that young age, they simply give up – live day by day – and FOR the day – and end up being imprisoned for 10 years or more just for selling a joint of marijuana in the three-strikes-you’re-out states which are, thankfully, rethinking this kind of rule that dictates time to be served.

Killing police is such a terrible thing because the vast majority are not racist – understand with heart, the position that minorities are in, and are just as worried as the average Black man that all hell will break loose if they make the wrong move.  Police also understand that killing the police is like burning the flag – its people on the verge of insanity fighting back wildly and without sense.

Make no mistake – killing a copy just to kill a cop cannot be condoned.  There have been several instances where police or those with police power did deserve to be fought – but not killed without benefit of trial.  Yes, many police accused of violence based in race will never see a courtroom and will never face justice – but this is the arena to protest against – not the policeman as an individual.  Although can understand the hurt that can push a man to kill another – murder cannot condoned – not especially murder of cops – but murder of anyone – anyone.

That set aside – I can project that a few Republican contenders are already out before they barely started. One of those is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who has just gone too far to back-peddle re his mouth and his actions. Another is Ted Cruz who says the most amazingly ludicrous things and does not realize it. Rand Paul hangs on – but by his fingernails and when the real shoot-out begins – Ran Paul will not be left politically standing.

On the Democrat side the only new entry is Senator Bernie Sanders, now a Democrat but a believer in social responsibility that Americans are not now ready to accept. He will act, as someone to question HIllary Clinton as she marches on toward the Democrat nomination, but not without trouble due to early fire coming at her from Fox News and every nut ball Republican who thinks money given to a charity is linked to criminal favors, dead Americans in Benghazi are Hillary’s doing, and others who this week told us that Democrats were getting ready to seize Texas!

Once again I call on the Supreme Court to take a close look at what it has done allowing the very rich to give untold amounts of money to candidate causes.  It stuns me that the nine Justices  don’t unanimously see that the American voter CAN be bought. Just a couple of handfuls of Billionaires- around the world could write a check to any voter for a couple of thousand dollars at the drop of a hat.

Think about that – and do be scared – because in not such a straightforward way – this is happening today.


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