Krauthammer Lies Again – To Bill O’Reilly – Another Ambisinistrous Delusion at Fox

Krauthammer Lies Again –To Bill O’Reilly 

Another Ambisinistrous Delusion on Fox News.


Another Ambisinistrous Delusion on Fox News.

Neither O’Reilly Nor Krauthammer can prove their lies are truth

BY Jeff Koopersmith

Charles Krauthammer
The creepiest neocon of all time.

WASHINGTON DC 17 MARCH 2015 – And there lies the key to Fox News and Right Wing strategy.

Lie about anything that can never be proved, one way or the other.

On March 16, the Evil-Intentioned Charles Krauthammer once again re-spun his web of lies about Hillary and Bill Clinton regarding Mrs. Clinton’s private e-mail which I have told you, once and again, was a great idea owing to the proven non-security of the United States’ computer array which appears to allow foreign nations and hackers to download secret intelligence and more.

Whether or not this was ordered by Republicans hoping to destroy their opposition and the President is still under investigation – but I am certain that GOP candidates and incumbents must have played at least a cheering role in many hacking contracts either directly or indirectly by contact with top malfeasors in the the field.

You will never hear O’Reilly or Krauthammer mention these whispers -nor that the GOP and/or the Tea Party might have hackers knowingly employed or secretly “volunteering” within the midst of those organizations without their knowledge. I can’t be certain – but rumors among those in the know abound and it’s unusual, is it not, to witness only Democrats and leading members of that Party being accused of horrors in Congressional Committees – and by the likes of Darrell Issa and Tom Cotton – among others.

Krauthammer told O’Reilly that ” It’s the 1990’s all over again”. Oh really? – Well then I am more certain that the majority of Americans who vote must now be extremely satisfied with the Administration’s performance and that their adoration of Barack Obama continues as it did with Bill Clinton until departed the White House with positive “numbers” in the stratosphere.

Bill O'Reilly
The laughingest fraud on cable television – ask anyone under 70.


In fact, the more the Snorting-Republicans continue with these witch and warlock hunts, the more it will drive voters away from them – all but the most hate-filled and racist ones that is. And don’t get me wrong. I have dozens of Republican friends and acquaintances who are not wild boars bent on rooting out magically disappearing smut from any source whatever.

This was a Senator Joe McCarthy trick, and we all remember where that left him – or do you Senator McConnell?

If not Google it.

The only thing the Clinton’s “dragged out” was the Lewinsky scandal which was not a scandal at all until the right wing facist press began hunting them down as if they were two-bit pimps, planting rats in their midst, lying over and over, and then – to everyone’s shock – actually filed Impeachment Papers against Bill Clinton regarding his private life – not his white lies about that life.  Of course, Bill Clinton was not removed from office. And, of course the GOP was humiliated again.


Yet Krauthammer is correct in one sense – Just as it played out in the 90s – The people involved in the latest sophomoric tragedy trumped up against any Democrat target available will disappear into a similar nightmare to Ken Starr’s and dozens of other liars and hangers-on that were part of the Impeachment ruse –  tried and failed.

As to the several other forged “scandals” that the GOP has and will cook up about Bill and Hillary Clinton – like the impossible Whitewater activities which amounted to nothing and only made organizations like “Judicial Watch” which people with minds call “Prejudicial or Artificial Watch” look like the unprofessional stinkers they were then and are now – The Clinton’s, in fact, “dragged” nothing out, nor stonewalled anyone accept those plotting against them and conspiring not only to destroy their impeccable reputations but also to conspire against the Presidency itself.  They were, however, “dragged” through the mud for as long as possible.

Can you say De Ja Vous?

A ruined reputation and exiled in Malibu.
Ken Starr -A ruined reputation and exiled in Malibu.

One out and out lie that the aging Krauthammer told O’Reilly yesterday re the Lewinsky scandal was that President Clinton accused Monica Lewinsky of being “a stalker.”

The truth is that a former Clinton aide claimed in an email to a well-known journalist, that Clinton told him Lewinsky herself had  told him this and “complained that she was being called ‘the stalker’ at the White House … and that if he didn’t have sexual intercourse with her she’d tell people that they did anyway.”  Nice huh?

I know of no public or private mention of this fact, but a prime journalist like Krauthammer should do his homework.

Krauthammer wraps up his lie-pie with this stupe-pinion – that the E-mail (non) scandal “Has Legs”. I suppose Charles thinks that is a cute term but it’s written or said,  “got legs” Chuck – and besides, it doesn’t have any legs.

Here are Krauthammer’s laughable reasons for these fictional “legs” – which i guess meant in 1920, that the lies about Hillary Clinton’s e-mail would “continue for years”.

1. “You can have three separate committees of Congress issuing subpoenas.” But fails to mention that those Committees are controlled or bludgeoned by the nut-ball Tea Party and the other Republican Party to harm Hillary Clinton’s chances before she even tells voters she is running for sure.

2. Then – as usual – Krauthammer gives himself a weak-kneed “back-door” and goes on to big-ears Bill saying “It may not be a story every day going on from now on in the median term, but it will not go away. It will keep popping up as these subpoenas and lawsuits go public and get to a crisis between now and election day and that’s why she can’t dodge it.

Wishful thinking Kraut?

Well, Krauthammer is being figuratively honest in his second harangue because he stupidly lays out in enough detail – the entire Republican strategy to capture the White House and who knows what other federal and state elective offices in 2016.

The GOP with the disloyal cooperation of the Tea Party goblins will present a new fake scandal monthly, then weekly, then daily as time goes by and the presidential round comes closer.

All of these phony fables will never have crossed American’s minds as scandals and will not be followed up because they will be impossible to prove.

To Republicans today, Justice means nothing – but the appearance of pursuing justice is everything.

Long after Bill O’Reilly and Charles Krauthammer are relegated to the trashcan of history, some graduate student will present a thesis comparing Fox News, Charles Krauthammer, Rush Limbaugh and the Czar of Liars – Fox Chief Roger Ailes with Senator Joe McCarthy.

McCarthy heaven help him – will be embarrassed.


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