If You Think March Madness is Your Thing – Try Capitol HIll

The Republican Capitol Hill Club is in fact on Capitol Hill.  As in the Republic-controlled Congress, this is a place to meet people who give candidates campaign cash while getting drunk and eating well.  Don’t knock it – it’s a throwback to IKE – who warned us about the people who go there now.

No Tea Party guys here
The stately awning of the Capitol Hill Club – Tea Party members are not permitted

Especially on SE First and “D” Streets. The Republican National Committee HQ building housing its private club – with the best crab cakes and crabs on the East Coast The Capitol Hill Club.  Other than eating and getting drunk, nothing much goes on in the building worth noting, but Tea Party wants to put a shooting range in the basement and a hot tub on the roof.

The laid back mood of the the Capitol Hill Club
Complete with photos of good Republicans and bad.
Yum Yum
Con-Ettes are the newest additionl to the Capitol HIll Bar and volleyball rom.

You cannot fuss about the Con-Ettes – the conservative side of the Capitol Hill Club’s bowling and volleyball arena on the roof of the auspicious club.

Har har Lighting by Tea Party
No one showed at this weeding because it was a secret and agreed with Obama’s poicy on Disco weddings.

You can’t argue that the Bride of Nerdingham does not have a great back and makes her Big Macher – GOPer look like a tiny fool. This was their first dance.  No one attended the wedding party, because they forget to inform anyone. Nothing new for the GOP.  We welcome you to Munchkin Land!

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