Ah, Charles Krauthammer on Hillary Clinton’s E-Mail – “The Scum Also Rises”

The Duke Krauthammer
If he had a brain, he lost it long ago. Another Fox sellout who has no connections that can inform him

By Jeff Koopersmith

It’s my job to fight neo-facist scum for the majority in my country who don’t want that heretic infections burning in our political or governmental souls.

If you trusted Charles Krauthammer to guide you, you would find this is his sole obsessive purpose. I am not certain why and I hope he conducts his terrorizing because he needs the money form the Washington Post and Fox News and whatever idiot publisher puts his tripe in bookcases – especially school libraries where it is sure to be read by some poor friendless nerd while salivating  – Some Cheney-like figure who hasn’t a soul but does have exaggerated plans for his future that will cost you not him. His first Pulitzer finalist but not won was in 1986 Pulitzer said: “Charles Krauthammer of The Washington Post – For his gracefully written and clear commentary on a variety of issues.  Gracefully written?  Gee what happened, did he make a deal with Satan over the ensuing thirty years?

Only 27 years ago, in 1986, Krauthammer finally got his hands on a Pulitzer – this time: For his witty and insightful columns on national issues. Ah, is that what humiliating people is about today – Being witty?  Certainly not Krauthammer these days – more like: For “a horror of half truth” with a stuck on the end sniggle of wit.

I truly wish the Pulitzer Board would withdraw his “prize” –  as he is a blight on what once was a wonderful organization honoring worthy people – not like Krauthammer – open to say anything for the right sized check.. Krauthammer does not think anyone can write their truth as they see it about him.

But I must say I getting sick reading his slime. Sick.

I do have to give on bit of Gestapo credit to Chuck Krauthammer – National’s fan extraordinaire. Only he would think of opening a piece on Hillary Clinton with these words:

Charles Krauthammer
By Charles Krauthammer Opinion writer March 12 (The Washington Post)

“She burned the tapes.

As if that is what he enjoy to engrave on her headstone.

With that he hatefully links Hillary Clinton with the shame of the nation to Richard Nixon – who was not forced to resign simply because he or his lapdog secretary erased some audio tape, but because he was simply a horrible and criminal man who had little right to finishing another term as President of United States – and yeah – I know, China – well Nixon didn’t do that – our old friend and bed-liar Henry Kissinger who did that. Thanks to God his final chapter is coming.

Worse, Krauthammer spits that Hillary “learned” from Nixon when she was a young’in on the House Judiciary Committee investigating Nixon. Not everyone is like Krauthammer a mean-spirited ego-maniacal run of the mill opinion writer who picks up awards because everyone feels sorry for such an ugly, ugly man.

If it’s a Democrat – Krauthammer has nothing good to say – but he is silent on the current parade of neo-Nazis now running the House and Senate thanks to the trailer park Tea Party and a gaggle of billionaires who use them and who want nothing from us but to leave them to their own “deviousness” that plunged the world into a multi-year depression that still hasn’t recovered – nor had its most terrible impacts. That will come soon enough – but Krauthammer will blame that on Obama – not on Dick Cheney who should be in prison for what he wrought.

You can refer back to a previous column of mine this month where I explained why I think Secretary Clinton decided to set up her own very secure server. See http://americanpolitics.com/2015/03/13/hillarys-e-mail-server-zzzzzzzzzzzzzz/

Of course, The Kraut does not go very far with the email ploy, what he seeks to do is follow orders from his handlers (Fox News?) or (?) which use his questionable talents to harm everything progressive.

Krauthammer is the perfect prick for this saddle soaping work. He is mean-spirited, self-loathing, and as phony as a magician, but not as entertaining.

Who he does entertain are deathbed octogenarians and neo-Nazis who eagerly read his pap and gawk at him on Fox. I know, I am not supposed to go after Krauthammer – he is in a wheelchair, and that is a terrible cross to bear when you are also a classic over-appreciated asshole and one great reason this country is close to a civil war re “Need vs. Greed.” Krauthammer is on the greed side. And, by the way, takes his clues for FDR about hiding his physical disability – am I mean enough now?

Of course the Clinton Foundation contributions are personal. There isn’t a presidential-related charitable organization that has done so much for all of the world – not just the people of nations that Krauthammer approves of.  Thus, if the foundation took donations from Arabs, or Islamist, or Chinese – it is tainted.

What a pitiful moron.

To top it off Krauthammer uses Bill Safire another oversold smut peddler who might be that best example of an idiot neocon since Senator Joe McCarthy was hunting for Commies under every bed- even as many died from his mania, from grief or by their own hand.

Of course Krauthammer doesn’t think he’s ever humiliated someone enough to force them into suicide. Yet, I’ll wager he has, He almost takes my own life every time I realize that The Kraut won a Pulitzer in a nation that was once totally far-sighted and ready to help anyone who might need it – not lynch them.  Krauthammer is so seventy-years-ago it is a disgrace to his profession – hit-man.

Safire said that Hillary Clinton was a “congenital liar”- when she was First Lady and Krauthammer underlines this despicably to make his nasty and fraudulent statement look supported – and by whom?  The laughing stock of reality.

Hillary Clinton did owe any of us an “explanation” of why she had her own mail server.

The simple answer is that our own CIA, NSA, NCID, FBI  Homeland Security etc. people can’t do their job because of budget cuts from the neocons and therefore email and other information stored in American government “servers” are hacked daily.

So, perhaps Hilary was smart installing her little computer – which is all that a server is. It didn’t attract the attention of nut jobs  had her email account been:  SecretaryOfState.Gov as the Evil creep Krauthammer implies without knowledge or courage.

Yes, that’s the right Krauthammer – ” the server containing the e-mails — owned, controlled and housed by Hillary Clinton — “will remain private.” Meaning: No one will get near them. yes, no will get near them – and that’s how it should be. Why don’t you publish your email over the past 100 years Krauthammer?  I am sure it would keep us all laughing and weeping for you at the same time.

And read this Kraut pap verbatim:

“This she learned not from Watergate but from Whitewater. Her husband acquiesced to the appointment of a Whitewater special prosecutor. Hillary objected strenuously. Her fear was that once someone is empowered to search, the searcher can roam freely. In the Clinton’s case, it led to impeachment because when the Lewinsky scandal broke, the special prosecutor added that to his portfolio.” – Charles Krauthammer 12 March 2015, Washington Post – owned by a sort-of department store maven.

Every defense lawyer worth his or her salt knows that opening one’s life to a federal prosecutor – or most any prosecutor can lead, almost assuredly, that the investigator will find, or make up something to prop up a weak or no case at  all. And to drag that vile creep Ken Starr into the mix is typically Krauthammer who didn’t even have the spine to mention that loser’s name – who is now hiding out in Malibu at some third class law school. Why not add some of the antics of Hitler as well Chuck: That would get your type of  reader’ s attention and maybe another Pulitizer award.

Let’s say Hillary did keep her mail private. Now that is simply impossible to understand. After all, this woman has been blamed for the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi which could, of course,  not be true. And now she has to speak up for her and her family’s foundation to a group of do-nothing members of congress. Well, maybe “do-nothing” is not the correct characterization – perhaps it a “Make Sure nothing is done for anyone but warriors and arms manufacturers” – and not too much for warriors.

Krauthammer might not have labeled Hillary Clinton a liar if she told us that she kept her own email server because she didn’t trust cretins like Darrell Issa and Tom Cotton et al,or spies like Mr. Snowden or the very active Chinese, British, and German intelligence fiends who are constantly testing our Intel’s back doors. How could she do that? – she loves her country – and has given up a great deal of her life to us, to us –  for very little recompense save for the past several years where her popularity and her husband’s allowed them to make a pile of money – which, I suppose, Krauthammer is envious.

Then the biggest laugh – that the Secretary of State is simply an “employee”.  I don’t think so Krauthammer – and I don’t suppose you are an employee either – you probably have your own communications corporation – Krauthammer Irrational”.

So mini-minded Krauthammer says her “answers” Clinton’s answers are farcical – as if she wasn’t being pinned to the wall by the most farcical group on earth – the modern news media who has the nerve to call themselves journalists when they are in fact unprepared to pen a good freshman essay in middle School.

The point of National Archive regulations is NOT to ensure government transparency as Krauthammer well knows, although he claims that.  Regulations, especially by the Archive,  are made to be bendable and even ignored and are written by other silly-minds who compose them in the clerks offices. Her lawyers have not to stonewall all the fake subpoenas launched by idiots in congress and the media knowing they have no legality – They must instead ask for felony indictments on those abusing – raping – the system simply for their own political or monetary wellbeing ergo – to destroy the chances for Mrs. Clinton’s election to the presidency. Now that is a felony . Look it up.

Krauthammer write “the damage is done.” Yes, it is Mr. K.  The damage to your own reputation continues to erode the reader’s confidence in a terrible mind.

What isn’t finished is the price you pay for writing such garbage and not being able to rise higher on the decency scale rather than sit in a filthy pit filled with vipers from the right. -Real vipers – not the usual alzy McCain types.

Straight off the Fox New SCRIPTS, huh Krauthammer, who then asks about her “record”.  I thought he was going to tell us that she had a long arrest records or worse, but no:

“What record? She’s had three major jobs. Secretary of state: Can you name a single achievement in four years? U.S. senator: Can you name a single achievement in eight years? First lady: her one achievement in eight years? Hillarycare, a shipwreck.

I could name fifty you guttersnipe.

Chuck adds that Hillary Clinton is running on two things: gender and name.  What a disreputable thing to say – and of course just a another lie from the King of Lies.

Gender is not to be underestimated. It will make her the Democratic nominee. The name is equally valuable. It evokes the warm memory of the golden 1990s, a decade of peace and prosperity during our holiday from history.

No, not a holiday from history Mr. Krauthammer – a holiday from neofacist pigs who will destroy America with their unceasing avarice and carelessness with the lives of our boys and girls fighting and risking life and limb in trumped up “wars” and the following destruction of an entire region and its history while millions of the poorest flee their homes and live in cheap tents on the desert floor.

To attempt to “finish her off” The Kraut writes

“Now breaking through, however, is a stark reminder of the underside of that Clinton decade: the chicanery, the sleaze, the dodging, the parsing, the wordplay. It’s a dual legacy that Hillary Clinton cannot escape and that will be a permanent drag on her candidacy.”

Yet Hillary Clinton was not a symptom of that decade. She tried so long ago to provide health care to the poorest Americans and was burned at the stake by people like Charles Krauthammer.

She did not engage in chicanery – only in protecting herself and her family from scum like Kenneth Starr et al. She was not sleazy was she Herr Kraut!? And none of that will be a drag on her candidacy because the American people even the trash you seem to cater to so often – don’t feel the way you do. They adore Bill and Hillary Clinton because their aims are progressive and decent.

You goals, on the other hand, are to humiliate and lie about people you wish were your friends and not, instead,  the scum you hang with. My God man – didn’t you learn anything from your parents or your religion?

Oh yes – and to follow his hero – Bill O’Reilly – prevaricator extreme – Krauthammer offers us a true leftist and progressive and someone I have the deepest respect for – Elizabeth Warren – who would take his suggestion that she was a cure for Hillary as nauseating.


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