Michael S. Greve: A Griev·ous Member of the Bar and a Thief from the Poorest Americans

Michael Greve, Corporate Gestapo
A Greve-ous member of the Bar and, of course, the American Enterprise Institute (aka Corporate Gestapo)

Some so-called “conservative” strategists at a 2010 gathering of mostly Republicans were gestapo-like. One the most fanatic is, Michael S. Greve, now a law professor at ho-hum George Mason University Law School, who urged his audience to destroy the health care law.

Greve said, (it) “has to be killed as a matter of political hygiene,” adding “I do not care how this is done, whether it’s dismembered, whether we drive a stake through its heart, whether we tar and feather it and drive it out of town, whether we strangle it.”

I would enjoy hearing a tape recording of the cheers such a hate-filled remark must have elicited from those who think only people of power and the wealthy are worth a damn.

Spoken like a true mouthpiece for the GOP – dominated “think tank” (not) which is more like a propaganda machine bent on destroying everything, plunging a stake through the heart of entitlement programs for the poorest Americans, and someone who would hearken back to the worst of American History by using the term “tar and feather it” as if this is an everyday practice in 21st Century America.

Today the Supreme Court will hear the most ridiculous challenge and the obvious arguments against  “Obama Care” seeking to “dismember” that law because, perhaps, the Congress was not aware that the federal government would make the plan work – even if the more neo-facist thinking  states that attempted to block health care for the poor by refusing to set up offices needed to implement it were disgrace by the federal government righting their wrongs.

Tom Christina - Not like Christ
The lawyer from a slave state who wants to deny the poorest among us health care.


The case was accepted by the Supreme Court based on a pleading from Thomas M. Christina, an employment benefits lawyer from Greenville, S.C. and mouthpiece for the, are you surprised (?), the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce, cousin of the U.S. Chamber – the leading critic of anything fair to anyone but big business (and small), as well as the A.E.C. where Mike Greve peddles his nonsense.

Know your lawyers, their backgrounds, and their friends.  It’s an important thing.

I can compare them only to Ken Starr who hides out in Malibu these days trying to get a table at “any” restaurant.


A DECISION IN THIS CASE, King v. Burwell, 14-114, is expected by late June.

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