The Plummet of Scott Walker and most all Republicans . . .

Wants everyone to present ID even if they can’t get it

. . . And other non-whimsical and ill prepared to govern “Candidates” for President


“Of all the men and women who might run for the GOP presidential nomination Scott Walker has little or no chance to move into those big leagues. So, don’t get so enthusiastic!” – JMK


By Jeff Koopersmith Editor Emeritus



22.FEBRUARY.2015-WASHINGTON DC – Just who was last month’s Iowa Poll winner? Scott Walker of course (not) – if you do not know him well – he’s the governor of Wisconsin – isn’t he?

He won nothing but a lot of  overcooking by journalists we stupidly rely on.

Well, the first preposterous Iowa poll upon which some of the simple-minded  right might be relying on is the latest Bloomberg-Des Moines Register Iowa Poll of likely Iowa Caucus voters which in itself is an absurdly devious group to launch opinion surveys inasmuch as the Iowa Straw poll and the-certain-to-be-following Iowa Caucuses are nothing more than a cash cow for Iowan businesses and the pols who welcome the irrational from the media. Besides, Iowa –  is most likely the most boring place on earth:

Iowa - forget it
Iowa, the dumbest and most boring state in the union – Pigs are their thing.

The news media, from around the world if you can belief that are those who in fact cover this puerile state which just has to be FIRST to tell all Americans who their next GOP or DEM competitor will likely snap up the nomination for President of the United States.

I typically write a piece every four years titled “Who Cares What Iowans Think” – so I suppose this is a first installment for the 2016 presidential cycle.

Yes, who does care what Iowans think inasmuch as their annoying polls are almost always erroneous – mostly because the majority of Americans – except those who live in Iowa do not think nor vote like Iowans – in fact we joke at this middle-America hijinks as should we all.

Add to that the fact that Americans almost always lie to pollsters and cannot easily be reached by telephone any longer.

Get this – the latest Iowa Straw Poll  poll before Romney’s very expected (by me) choice “not to run” which he made because Jeb Bush would certainly thrash him in GOP primaries for presidential hopefuls thinks it has the handle on the GOP race..

The results of the Iowa Poll are a sidesplitting waste of whatever the “Register and Bloomberg” paid to launch it – as there is so little difference between the current and ever-growing mind-numbing list of potential GOP candidates for President, most of whom could not be elected to office by 50+1 percent – including in Iowa.

By the by – No one in this latest poll earned more than a 15% eager figure –  which points out that few if any are ready now to hitch themselves to a right-wing wagon.

The fun fragment is that Scott Walker is the governor of Wisconsin which is, sadly, not the brain trust of America but the Cheese Trust that seems to have a penchant for Velveeta.

Nor do most Americans give a hoot about what most people in Wisconsin think either – especially about Gov. Walker who is basically an ultra-right union buster who talks the good talk but is, in no way, competent to occupy the White House as his background in the “Fromage State” is, well – Cheesy.

However, because the year 2015 only truly started last week after we all recovered from a nonstop eating binge from Thanksgiving to New Year’s and Super Bowl stupors – the pundits on CNN, NBC, CBS and FOX were beside themselves with no news to report at all except that Katie Perry might show some skin at the Super Bowl – which she did not. And of course the Iowa Poll.

So they creepily oohed and ahed about Gov. Walker’s besting the nearly two dozen nuts that think they might get the Grand Old Party & Friends to bet billions on their winning abilities.

It is clear that Iowans, who in fact participate in the Iowa Caucuses are out of their political minds to vote for Scott Walker in this pointless poll or in 2016.

Tasking the next four spots in this poll were Rand Paul, Mitt Romney (not a contender), Mike Huckabee who the Register labeled as a Fox talk show host(a very fat talk show host)and not the former governor of Arkansas, and; Dr. Ben Carson who, believe it or not, is close to being a sniggering stock at the very hospital and research center where he was kind of a C- doc. This, according to a fellow in the know that I recently spoke to in New Mexico who described Carson, on our then-moving train, as someone who could never gain a post at the Salk Institute or even at lowlier Scripps which is nearly bankrupt today.

Here are some of them.

Ben Carson
A fraud but well spoken doc.

Ben Carson – who looks and talks like a newfangled Bill Cosby is a right-radical African American doctor who, I hope, does not carry the same baggage as Cosby seems to. Carson must be either a pet of Roger Ailes the Fox News chieftain, or just the best Black candidate with a doctorate that Ailes could dig up to groom for certain doom and appear on the comedy station Fox News.

Jeb Bush
Jeb Bush tries to look angry – but he is a lamb?

The next two runner ups were Jeb Bush (almost a sure winner for the GOP nod) and Ted Cruz who reminds me of a 1950s car salesman, or a 1930s Communist living in Russia who cannot seem to spit out either an interesting, coherent, or provocative idea from his gurgles in Texas.

Ted Cruz - dumbest in Texas!
A true moronic Texan – now you have someone better to laugh at than “W”

Ted Cruz – a progeny of the humiliating Tea Party thinks is surname will give him a heft portion of the Hispanic-American vote. Dream-on or Gram-on, Ted.

The rest of the pack would be uproariously comic if they weren’t so terrifyingly droll, and unprepared to run anything let alone the most powerful and plagued-with-trouble nation on earth. This includes Chris Christie who appears to be looking for a spot in a Comedy Club in the almost totally bankrupt “mecca” – Atlantic City, where Christie presides as Governor and suspected vengeful bridge closer-downer between Jersey and New York.

Gov. Cristie - The new Taft?
The only man with stomach surgery who actually gains weight

Then we have Jesus’ best friend – Rick Santorum whose claim to fame is a sort-of Vatican-sounding name – “We are now in the inner Santorum” – Santorum was lucky enough to be elected to the Senate from Pennsylvania and was tossed out long ago as he should have been.

Rick Santorum
The goofiest man to ever sit in the Senate – The WH? – Not a chance

To me, Sanctorum’s greatest achievement in life was that he fruitfully lobbied on behalf of the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) to decontrol professional wrestling, and that the WWF should be exempt from federal anabolic steroid regulations because it was entertainment, not a sport. No matter that steroids turn athletes to mulch

My favorite entertaining candidate in the current pack of wolves is Gov. Rick Perry – the Governor of Texas and also see as a prior loser to most Americans.

Rick Perry's ranch was called NIGGERHEAD - it was a hunting ranch...
Rick Perry’s ranch was called NIGGERHEAD – it was a hunting ranch…

Perry is a lot like George W. – a guy you might like to have a beer or whiskey with – but who reasons that way of dealing with immigrants clawing their way to the relative safety and American values – should be shot down at the border or at least tased into whirling around and spilling back into México or Central America where these people  are treated like slaves or household decor by the 0.0005% of their countrymen who control 99.9994% of the money.

Mahatma Bobby Jindal an Indian American is currently the governor of Louisiana – a state known of uncontaminated politics and the safest place to leave as soon as possible when New Orleans cedes from the state and becomes a principality.

The Mahatma of Louisiana Politics – He hides the fraud occurring under his watch they say

Jindal has the most impressive educational background of the lot and served at every level of government in before winning the governorship in 2007. He’s been relatively quiet over the past few months, but has a lot of ultra-right-wing cred which he hurt him if he is serious about running. Jindal opposes abortion in general, but does not condemn medical procedures aimed at saving the life of the mother that indirectly result in the loss of the unborn child. In Congress, he voted for the Federal Marriage Amendment to restrict marriage to a union between one man and one woman. His Louisiana Governor’s office has been ranked last for transparency in the United States – which means he likes to hide “things”. Jindal opposes the Fairness Doctrine on the grounds that it is a desecration of the Constitution’s guarantee of free speech and vowed protection of property rights and, of course, that is gives the Koch Brothers and others like them a pass to raise billions to change your vote to any neo-fascist on the ballot thanks to our non-thinking, literalist Supreme Court.

Carly Fiorina
The worst CEO in corporate history some say

The republican woman most likely to have been paid off one way or the other to challenge the GOP’s supposed war against women is creepily-like-your old school principal – Carly Fiorina had a 1% vote in this latest Iowa poll – with the top percentage a “high” of 15%. In 2005, Fiorina was involuntary asked to resign as chief executive officer and chairman of HP following “differences [with the board of directors] about how to execute HP’s strategy.] She has recurrently been ranked as one of the worst CEOs of all time and was included in the “CNBC Portfolio’s Worst American CEOs of All Time”

John Kasich
Measles Victim? Did he miss the Ohio measles party?

Fiorina is followed by the more serious governor of Ohio – John Kasich who also spent time as a television host and the one person, aside from Jeb Bush that could offer semi-serious credentials to battle the third Bush for the Rose Garden – Americans love television hosts (except for Brian Williams) and film stars.

Yet the fact the serial bankrupter and nutty “You’re fired” based television program  producer and “star” named Donald Trump has to be mentioned here because he mentions himself so often during any presidential race or cheesy beauty pageant.  We featured him on the Cover of American Politics Journal during his presidential and okay – vice presidential yapping in 2012 of running against the Obama-Biden ticket. (see – mag covers for more American Politics Magazine Covers)


I almost forgot that Marco Rubio of Florida – the JFK pinup boy of the new right – polled 3% in Iowa last week. I like Rubio’s guts and some of what he says but many knowledgeable people think he’s being fooled by those around him who believe he could be elected to a national office as President. Rubio has the same problem – perhaps more – that does the GOP: He will not attract the growing Hispanic vote as his political views are at loggerheads with most researched Hispanic voter opinions. To his credit he loves Niki Minaj, as many do.

Niki Minaj - We love her
Niki Minaj


Marco Rubio loves Nkii Minaj
Is Miki part of Marco Rubio’s Minajerie?







Rubio has less money than anyone in the U.S. Senate with a net worth in the six-figure minus column as reported by ABC news. However, should he run for the Republican nomination he will certainly get mysteriously more affluent. It pays to run for President even if you have little hope to win and Marco is smart enough to know that and to boost his power by running. Just ask Huckabee. Take a look at these Iowa poll results below if you want to be amused.  What? Why does Gov. Walker score so high here – and in the next and latest poll? : iowa poll of GOP contenders in Jan 2015 iowa poll on GOP cand mindsets


I guarantee to write far more about Scott Walker if he gets any closer to truly running for President, and thus far, it won’t be admirable.

Read by lips. I am a Rube
Typical Tea Party Rubes showing their “power”























And you rubes: Stay hopeful – There’s always Sarah Palin.



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