Same Old Same Old-REALLY Old Kissinger & McCain


Kissinger gets his due
Protestors try to arrest Kissinger and McCain goes wild!

By Jeff Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus

You had to weep when you saw Senator McCain on Sunday political talk shows this week.

Of course, he would not back off his comments to the Code Pink demonstrators who called for Hank Kissinger’s arrest during a Senate Committee Meeting where at least McCain was over-eager to hear the octogenarian-plus-eleven year old’s words regarding the state of foreign affairs.  Here is what he said even today about this scummy comments:

Video title: John McCain: ‘I Am Still Outraged’ At Kissinger Protestors”    Click here to see the video.

Even Chris Hitchens, who I abhorred for his reverso  politics (Bless his soul even though he never believed he had one) told us that Kissinger was indictable.

Hitchens presents a rather straightforward argument that make two undeniable propositions.  Hank conspired to murder, and on many other occasions, he was the driving force behind  be called war crimes.

Hitchens called this  a “lay-down” A case that shows facts and rules of law that are nearly insurmountable by defense. The murder victim was  General Rene Schneider, who was the Commander in Chief of the Chilean Army or who Chris called the army’s “Chief of Staff.”; According to Hitchens (and the 09 September, 1970 minutes of the “40” Committee, the Kissinger chaired secret panel that oversaw U.S. covert operations), the Chilean military was neutral re political affairs.

Schneider had a strong and committed sense of the rule of law and  upholding the Chilean constitution against a ready coup against newly elected Socialist President Salvador Allende by a right wing  gang of current and former Chilean military men. Using U.S. Government communications cables from the CIA and documents from the State Department, and White House, Hitchens relates the facts of Kissinger’s direct involvement in the direction, planning, financing, and general support by the organs of the U.S. Government in the plot to remove General Schneider.

Kissinger— rivals Pol Pot for the dishonor of being a person responsible for the death of the highest number of innocent people in South East Asia and even today still wields significant power in the United States; but his role as a happy warrior and fan of mass murder, totalitarianism and other atrocities seems to be buried and never openly discussed in the media.

Kissinger gave the thumb’s up  to Suharto’s invasion of East Timor and following and mass war crimes there, and he  helped President Nixon plan and hold harmless the Pinochet coup and reign of  terror, torture, and murder, He also personally orchestrated the first phase of the holocaust in Cambodia according to record.

According to Walter Isaacson Kissinger borrowed several hundred thousand dollars from which he borrowed from Goldman Sachs during the latter part of the 20th Century. You can read his list of huge corporate clients in Issacson’s book on Kissinger – Hank serves as a kind of personal National Security Adviser and Secretary of State for untold multinational corporations.

Kissinger, now over 90, I am sure felt he was doing the right thing – but that does not excuse his conduct no matter how he affords his ability to stay alive for so long.  One only wonders if he and Dick Cheney play poker together as friends or rivals?

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