EBOLA: It’s not really a cleaning product!

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EBOLA: It’s not really a cleaning product!

By Jeff Koopersmith

It appears that many Americans, especially those living in Texas and other southern-type states think that EBOLA is a gritty cleanser – sort of like the contents of an old AJAX can your grandma used on her pots and pans to eventually destroy them.

Here’s a clue:  EBOLA is a virus    >     ebola virus

It is transmitted by touching spew from animals and humans that have EBOLA and have had it long enough to spew from any hole, valve, or aperture in their bodies  – almost on a continual basis So, you might also recognize an EBOLA carrier (transmitter) if they are bleeding from the tear ducts (teer not tare) or from their armpits.



EBOLA is not the “foaming cleanser” nor is it “the scrubbing cleanser” as you might hear in the Ajax ditty on radio and television.

Speaking of Texas:  Many Texans think EBOLA is an electronic Bola (tie) as you would put around your neck to look authentically Texan – or just pain stupid.  No true Texans wear Bolas these days unless they are either at a hoedown, a barn raising, a roundup, or a square dance.

However many continue to think they can wear their solid gold IPhones around their necks displaying a BOLA on the non-scratch (sometimes) IScreen.  This then, would be an EBOLA – or E-Bola, which is fact should be a E-Bolo, I believe, yet many Texans rarely carefully pronounce hanging “O’s” after a soft consonant so that they sound like “Ah’s” – Ergo, or Erga, Bola Ties or Bolo ties are just fine.

Listen… pronouncing the deadly virus as E-BOLO is considered highly politically incorrect. The speaker is almost deriding the victims here.  It’s a “no-no” as Texas mamas say to their horses.

Remember that, Rick Perry – it’s best to wear the real thing.

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