Bartcop, 1953-2014

One of our friends and allies, Bartcop, passed away this morning after a protracted illness – one which he and almost everyone he knew had expected to take him years ago. His eponymous Web site was launched in 1986 after Internet guru Marc Perkel, a fan of his e-mail newsletter "Rush Limbaugh, Lying Nazi Whore" (both Jeff Koopersmith and I were also subscribers)  cold-called him and offered to turn his newsletter into a full-fledged Web site. We're talking the very early days of the Web, the days when the new, high-tech Netscape browser was overtaking Mosaic. The rest, as they say, was history.

I met Bartcop in 2002 at the epic "Juliefest" party for Julie Hiatt Steele in Washington – the same event at which I met Julie, Marc, Joe Conason, James Carville, David Brock, Bart's pals from Buzzflash, and a hundred or so of his closest friends. Bart was laid-back, gregarious, wisecracking – and we all downed several shots of Bart's preferred beverage, quality tequila.

I'd been saving a bottle of Chinaco Añejo for a good occasion. Those plans are down the drain, and tonight I'm downing one in memory of Bart. I know I'm probably not alone on that count. 

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