Political News? What News? Everyone is Boring or Crazy These Days

Jeff Koopersmith tunes into FOX Nerws Channel – so you don’t have to – in his latest report from the media battlefield.

Roger Aisles
Roger Ailes



How many Americans actually tune into FOX News in the early morning or during drive time evening television?

Well, there’s me.

I never miss it because the stooges on Fox and Friends are just too comical to miss.

Yet even they, and Bill “The Maven” O’Reilly are just plain BORING!

The only thing good on the Factor these days is Bill’s favorite “kid” who goes around asking silly questions to the “people on the street”. He at least makes me chuckle when he titters in the background during Bill’s loco intro – which he speaks of in the third person (which is normally a sign of psychopathy) – but in his case just the onus of being brought up on Long Island and staying there.

Bill, at least bring on your own urchins – or perhaps have a show where you host a family meeting at whichever manse you choose to allow the Factor Folks a peek at your normal day-to-day life.

There is hope.

The lies emanating for FOX News like smoldering humans passing gas will surely go into sonic proportions as the Spring comes along and Roger Ailes launches his plans to retake the U.S. Senate not only for but by the tea-morons. Ailes also hopes to destroy Hillary Clinton by humiliating her by putting her husband’s tired old middle-aged hijinks with “Moanica” into reruns.

But Ailes knows the truth. He sees many of the same numbers to which I have access, and the forecast is not good for Republicans – who have little chance of winning much of anything.

Ailes is also contending with the fact that while revenues remain robust overall, America is sick of Fox News’ schtick. Fox viewership is down, down, down – a look at the demographics will tell you they are dying, literally. MSNBC beat them in the prime-time ratings like a bad piece of meat a couple fo weeks ago as the Christie “Bridge-Ghazi” scandal mushroomed, which can’t be good for the corpulent capo of FOX News’ blood pressure. The rumor mill is rife with reports that Ailes is ailing – and that’s the reason why.

But Ailes has proven himself a genius not only at programming but at corporate resilience. I look forward to the old reactionary coming back strong, launching a fresh front of moronic but propagandistic targeted tripe in what will be a losing attempt to politically high-tech-lynch the President and elect some fruitcake like Senator Rand Paul – a heckuva jock who can always find a post-political career hawking PX-90 – or suggest we “do something” about the poor (like shoot them, or impose The Hunger Games – heck, why not both on a FOX pay channel?).

As the kids say, whatever. Win or lose, Ailes – and NewsCorp stockholders – will hit it big in the pocketbook.

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