Chicken Little Republicans are Half-Right; The Sky IS Falling. On Them.

Listen. My Children, and You Shall Hear
The TeaGOP Die-Off is Very Near!
Sherrie G on what's in the offing for Tea Party Republicans.

If there is one thing that the entire populace of the United States of America agrees on, it would be that the Republican Party, particularly that zany little subset known as Tea Party Republicans, HATES Barack Obama with a passion never before seen on the American political scene.

From the moment a miscreant Southern mouth-breather shouted “You LIE!” at the President of the United States as he delivered his State of the Union address and suffered absolutely no punishment (in fact, several right-wing publications praised him), it has been a game to see who can treat him most abysmally, who can most humiliate his appointees and nominees, who can most dramatically demonstrate his or her total contempt and disgust for the Most Powerful Man on Earth.

The most amazing part of it is that they don’t even make an effort to hide it anymore. None of the “wink wink, nudge nudge” chortles and snickering behind their hands they did at first.  Now  they just stand there like Foghorn Leghorn and do everything but refer to him as “boy”.  Then, when it is pointed out to them that they are making Bull Connor and Lester Maddox sound reasonable, they huff and puff that they are most certainly NOT racist and how dare we notice what they say?

Yeah, Louie Gohmert, Steve King and Jeff Sessions — you shriveled little gnomes of hate who are being consumed by it in full view of all of us, I’m looking at you.

We have now reached the point where the rubber is going to meet the road, and an interesting phenomenon is developing over in slavering idiot land.

If, in fact, the TGOP believed that Obamacare was going to be the unmitigated disaster that they keep insisting it will be, they would be as mute as the tomb.  They would stand silently by and watch the President fall on his sword as catastrophe piled upon catastrophe.  Then and only then would they rise in slightly wounded reproach to inform us that this is what happens when we let a socialist Muslim from Kenya run things and now they are going to devote the remainder of their lives trying to undo this horror.

 But they aren’t.  And you know WHY they aren’t?  Because they know if they fail to stop this, if they cannot stop the train as it gathers momentum and glides down the track, the people of the United States are going to realize that this is the greatest program since Social Security and they are going to love it.

They are going to love it, they are going to participate fully and happily and then…

Oh, and then, they will cast a little side eye at the folks who deliberately lied to them, who frothed at the mouth and ranted and raved about skyrocketing premiums and death panels and losing work  hours and benefits and blah blah blah…

Then, the people of this country are going to remember exactly who it was that tried to kill this program, the lies they told to do it, the threats they issued hourly, and exactly what would have happened had they succeeded.

That, boys and girls, is what the TGOP is desperately trying to accomplish, because they know exactly how fucked they are going to be if they fail.  And have no doubt, they WILL fail.

They have begun to realize that they no longer have a snowball’s chance in Hell of capturing a National election.  While busily gerrymandering the weirdest districts that could be imagined, they were sure that they had preserved their hold on the House of Representatives for time and all eternity, but the depth and breadth of the treachery they have engaged in against their own countrymen and party members has made it feasible to believe that even the dimmest of the bulbs in the most ignorant  TGOP side of the map, no matter how doggedly they follow party lines,  are realizing that the guy with his leg hoisted over them KNOWS that it isn’t raining, why has it taken them so long to see it?

The TGOP is half a step away from joining the ranks of the Whigs and the Mugwumps. There are not enough moderates left in the party to stop the coming massacre which the Tea Baggers are anticipating in wild-eyed glee.

I wish there were still Republicans like Dwight David Eisenhower, Teddy Roosevelt, Howard Baker, Alan Simpson, Warren Rudd and Lowell Weiker around.  They weren’t RINOS, they were Republicans in the best meaning of the word.  This current crop are kamikaze pilots, so confused they are crashing into their own side’s armada.

Currently, my favorite story involves Eric Cantor, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Louie Gohmert on a junket to Brazil.  They walk into a local watering hole and order drinks.  The bartender looks at them and sneers “We don’t serve Americans.”  Cantor grins at him and says “That’s no problem, neither do we!”

If the Republican Party cannot control or stop these hyenas in their midst, they deserve the funeral they are on the verge of requiring.

Gonna get interesting.  Stay tuned…

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