If America Was A Forensics Show…

How much do Republicans hate America?  Let us count the ways…

House GOP leaders John Boehner and Eric Cantor in front of the real American flag I am more than tired of people talking about government being “broken”.  The government is NOT broken, it is being deliberately poisoned by a House of Representatives with a shit-for-brains Speaker of the House, a Benedict Arnold in the form of Eric Cantor as putative “leader” and a group of people so abysmally flawed as to have been locked in the attic as a danger to themselves and others a few short years ago.

There is a medical condition, thankfully rather rare, known as Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy.  Broken down to its simplest form, it involves a parent or some other guardian of a child who does deliberately dangerous things to said child, so that the child can be rushed to a hospital on the brink of death, and the person who caused the harm in the first place can be coddled and cooed over as a concerned parent/guardian doing their best under terrible conditions while heroic medical care is rendered, hopefully (but not always) saving the child’s life in the process.  This usually gets caught the third or fourth time the Munchausen’s parent rushes the child to a hospital and a concerned doctor or nurse says “Wait a minute, here…” and gets the police involved.

Then we have the Angels of Death, hospital medical personnel who deliberately administer dangerous or poisonous drugs to their patients so that they can be seen as a hero when they “discover” the patient in extremis and can call a Code Blue, which fills some twisted need for excitement, giving the angel the opportunity to appear as a superhuman medical professional, secretly administering an antidote or feverishly rendering aid until someone can rush in with a crash cart.  Eventually the survival of the patient is no longer the aim, and you get doctors and nurses imprisoned for life for murder.

What we have going on in the House of Representatives of the United States Congress seems to be “Sequester Syndrome by Proxy of the Angels of Death of the Republican Party”.  Since the first election of Barack Obama, the Republican Party has gone completely mad, rushing us from one disaster to another, always acting as though they alone can rescue us from the Kenyan Imposter, on the one hand saying “We alone can save you” while with the other hand they are holding us out the 40th floor window of a building by one foot.

This has gone far enough, and it’s time to stand up.  The people of the United States can STOP this, if they in fact want it to stop. 

Everyone, especially the Republicans, knows that the only reason the Republicans kept control of the House was by gerrymandering districts beyond recognition.  It’s wishful thinking to plan on moving Democrats by the thousands into these weird locations, but there is nothing to prevent Democrats from going to public meetings held by these maniacs on their home turf.  There is nothing preventing Letters to the Editors of their hometown newspapers, radio station call-ins, dropping in on their local offices.  There are more of us than there are of them, which is why they have to cheat in order to have any power at all.

We are standing silent, fuming with rage, as the Republican Party dismantles the United States of America legislative brick by brick, and we need to stop being silent.  This cannot happen.  Barack Obama is not a tin-horn dictator and my country is not a banana republic, no matter how much the teabagger mentality tries to insist it is.  It is extremely, dangerously close to the point where the Republican House is ready to allow America to collapse in disarray, so that they can point and shriek “SEE!! WE TOLD YOU SO!!!!” 

Don’t ask me how they plan to save themselves after the collapse, they have no plan and may not even care, as long as they achieve their objective – Proof that a black man has no right daring to presume to live in the White House.

It’s not dramatics, it’s not overstatement or exaggeration.  They have shown us, over and over and over again, that there is no step they are not willing to take.  There is no longer any “third rail” of politics, unless it is a Republican with a lick of sense willing to say “Hey, wait a minute, here…”  Then they come up with a frothing at the mouth primary challenger for him or her.

The behavior of the Republican members of the House of Representatives would be amusing, if they were not the party holding the majority.  This behavior would be horrifying to the Founding Fathers, horrifying to Abraham Lincoln and, dare I say it, horrifying to Ronald Reagan.  Hell, Ronald Reagan, for all the worshipful mentions he gets, would be an unacceptable choice as far as today’s Republican Party is concerned.

I’m not ready to commit suicide by Republican.  I want Barack Obama to stand firm and I want the country to support him.  This country just overwhelmingly indicated their support for him and for his programs. 

The time has come to stop trying to reason with people who have no reason, to stop accommodating people incapable of stopping their destructive actions, and to slam the door of good will in the face of those who claim to love America, but who obviously hate most Americans.

This isn’t politics anymore.  It’s war.  And it scares the hell out of me that I can even think that, let alone say it out loud or post it online.

— SherrieGG

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