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NY Times: VP Debate Was Aggressive Quarrel with Contrasts
Transcript of VP debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan
Watch this! ►  Watch Mitt Lie Repeatedly in Presidential Debate 1 – and Watch the Lies Refuted!
Turns out he DIDN'T build that: Ryan family business benefits from government spending
Paul Krugman: 'Republicans Have Been Wrong About Everything'
Sen. Chuck Schumer gets support of Harry Reid, White House on taxes
6th Circuit-Finds Constitutional Violation in Not Counting Certain Wrong Precinct Ballots
Kelly M. Rindfleisch, former aide to WI Gov. Walker, enters guilty plea to misconduct; Walker next?
Fewest Americans in Four Years Seek Jobless Help
Clueless Romney: "We Don't Have People Who Die Because They Don't Have Insurance"
Analysis ►  GOP Blows CIA Cover, Operation in Politicized Hearing into Benghazi Attack that Killed Ambassador
Romney flip-flops again, vows to be 'a pro-life president' after newspaper interview
Yemeni chief of security at U.S. Embassy shot dead
Russia Won't Renew Pact on Weapons with U.S.

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