Headlines: Editors’ Picks

Obama, at fundraiser, cautions against overconfidence
Joe Biden accuses Romney, Ryan of deficit hypocrisy
Preview ►  Supreme Court Faces Weighty Cases and a New Dynamic
US military deaths in Afghanistan hit 2,000 after 11 years of war
Watch this! ►  Obama to Congress in weekly address: Pass mortgage refinancing bill
Republicans accuse Obama of cover-up over death of Chris Stevens in Libya
Romney, Flailing in Yet Another Attempt to "Reboot" His Clumsy Campaign, Recalibrates Message
National GOP Fires Voter Suppression Operative Nathan Sproul, but Is He Still Playing Dirty Tricks in CA
Preview ►  Supreme Court Term Kicks Off Monday
Republicans start blame game as fingers pointed at Mitt Romney
Under fire from the right, Romney rigorously preparing for debate…
Mitt Romney Campaigns in Pennsylvania as Debates Loom
Romney's failing campaign hurting Republicans in congressional races
Voter registration problems widening in Florida
In Florida, Biden Attacks Romney on Social Security and Medicare
Netanyahu And Obama Are in 'Full Agreement' on Iran's Nuclear Status, White House Says

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