Headlines: Editors’ Picks

Democratic Enthusiasm Swells in the Swing States, Nationally
Democratic Candidates, Lawmakers Seize on Mitt Romney Fundraiser Video
Romney fights to reassure donors and voters amid row over leaked video
Asked 4 Times, Romney Won't Say If He'll Maintain Obama' Immigration Directives
Republican U.S. House Staffer Pleads 'No Contest' to 5 Election Fraud Counts
Ryan Throws Romney Under the Bus, Says GOP Prez Candidate was "Inarticulate" at May Fundraiser
Justice Department "Fast and Furious" investigation clears Eric Holder
Republicans block veterans' jobs bill
Holder slams Republicans after being cleared in "Fast and Furious" investigation
A new study finds the white working class is less conservative than we think, if you leave out the South
Romney Talks About Chinese Sweatshop He Bought; Claims Barbed Wire Fence Was to Keep Hopeful Workers Out
Watch this! ►  Barack Obama tells Mitt Romney: the president works for everyone
Romney Triples Down on 47% Rant, Says Remarks on Voters Help Clarify Position
Mitt Romney Week from Hell Prompts Republican Freak-Out
Republican Candidates Distancing Themselves from Romney
The 112th Congress, soon to depart for its election recess, is set to enter the record books as the least productive body in a generation

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