Headlines: Editors’ Picks

Watch this! ►  Devastating Secret Video: Mitt Romney, Unaware He Was Being Recorded, Tells Millionaire Donors What He Really Thinks of Obama Voters
More Secret Video: on Israel, Romney Trashes Two-State Solution
Romney refuses to apologise after criticising 47% of American voters
Romney Clumsily Tries to Clarify: "Not Elegantly Stated… Speaking Off the Cuff"
Romney "47 Percent" Fundraiser Host: Hedge Fund Manager Who Likes Sex Parties
Obama campaign responds to embarrassing Romney video: Mitt has 'disdainfully written off half the nation'
In Car Country, Obama Trumpets China Trade Case
Video shows Libyans trying to rescue US ambassador
Barack Obama: China Auto Subsidies "Directly Harm Working Men And Women"
Watch this! ►  Obama in Ohio: 'We're not going back'
Mighty Wurlitzer Meltdown: Frank Rich on a Right-Wing Media Apparatus in Disarray

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