Headlines: Editors’ Picks

Watch this! ►  Devastating Secret Video: Mitt Romney, Unaware He Was Being Recorded, Tells Millionaire Donors What He Really Thinks of Obama Voters
Romney Stands By Insulting 47%er Comments During Disastrous Pressed, Claims He Says the Same Thing in Public
Obama campaign responds to embarrassing Romney video: Mitt has 'disdainfully written off half the nation'
Video shows Libyans trying to rescue US ambassador
Barack Obama: China Auto Subsidies "Directly Harm Working Men And Women"
Watch this! ►  Obama in Ohio: 'We're not going back'
Mighty Wurlitzer Meltdown: Frank Rich on a Right-Wing Media Apparatus in Disarray
Obama to tell WTO that China illegally subsidizes auto exports
Sources in Romney Camp Blame Adviser for Mediocre Campaign
Romney Desperate to Turn Campaign Focus to His Plans

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