Headlines: Editors’ Picks

U.S. Ambassador to Libya, 3 Other Embassy Staff Killed in Rocket Attack in Benghazi
Obama Condemns Attack That Kills Ambassador to Libya
As Obama Widens Lead, Romney Gets Nastier
Romney, Sounding Shrill and Unhinged, Accuses Obama of Sympathizing with Attackers in Egypt And Libya
Romney Campaign Strategy of Vagueness Draws Criticism from Conservatives
Nominees Leave Congressional Candidates to Stump Alone
Missteps and Surprises Turn Battle for the Senate into a Guessing Game
Mitt's hazy campaign: Scrutiny from the media and Democrats is one thing, but now even Republicans are calling on him to provide details
Romney Camp Seeks to Head Off Post-Convention Anxieties
Ana Alliegro, central figure in election-rigging scandal, goes missing as FBI probes Republican Rep. David Rivera

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