Headlines: Editors’ Picks

Obama hopes for a boost as Democrats gather in Charlotte for convention
Democrats Release Their 2012 Party Platform
Democrats Reunite Against G.O.P. Threat
Democrats Say U.S. Is Better Off Than 4 Years Ago
Biden to Unions: We're with You
On Labor Day, Obama tells union workers in Ohio that Romney would bring a 'losing season'
President Barack Obama slapped a "Romney doesn't care" label on his rival's health-care views Sunday
Biden: Paul Ryan "Walked Away" from Deficit Commission
Obama Warns Young Supporters About Republican Voter Suppression
Obama See Republicans as Stuck in Past
They Hit the Lie-fecta! Obama campaign strategist David Plouffe: Romney campaign based on 'tripod of lies'
A Romney Staffer Has Been Caught Committing Charitable Fraud
Bain Capital Under Investigation for Tax Avoidance; Romney Denies Any Benefit

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