Headlines: Editors’ Picks

Romney Adopts Harder Message for Last Stretch
Divided, contentious Tea Partiers, Dominionists, and some Republicans gather in Tampa for C-SPAN infomercial
An infiltrator exposes how John Fund's vigilantes plan to disrupt polling places to block the vote (via Mark Crispin Miller)
Big Lie Exposed: Romney was in fact active in Bain after 1999, contrary to his own assertions
The Struggle for the Soul of the Republican Party: Michele Bachmann, the Extreme Right and the Politics of Fear
Ron Paul declines a speaking spot at GOP convention after Romney demands censorship rights to review remarks
Obama: Romney has "extreme" positions, lacks serious ideas
Romney Adopts Harder Right-Wing Message for Last Stretch
Surprise! Firewall between Super PACs and candidates' campaigns doesn't exist
Inside the plan to steal the election: the conservative initiative True the Vote is designed to obstruct the voting process at every turn. Will it work?
Radical right threatens to blow Mitt Romney off course in Tampa
Romney's Bain Status Reaped Huge Tax Benefits

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