Headlines: Editors’ Picks

FOX News Claims to Reveal Identity of Navy SEAL Writing Bin Laden Tell-All, Placing Him, His Family, and Other SEAL Team Members in Jeopardy
The Bain Files: Inside Mitt Romney's Tax-Dodging Cayman Schemes
Bain Documents: Romney Offshore Investments Used 'Blockers' to Avoid Taxes
Romney fund bankrolled Adelson: a fund Romney invested in lent the GOP mega-donor $3 million
Obama ad hits Romney's out of touch 'size doesn't matter' views on education
Before Granting Interviews, Romney Demands Reporters Agree Not to Ask About Abortion Or Todd Akin
Romney Plan Would Raise Taxes on Middle Class to Finance Massive Corporate Tax Cut
Super PACs, Politicians Intermingle in the Face of FEC Rules
Florida Republican Congressman David Rivera Secretly Funded Bogus "Democratic" Primary Candidate's Campaign
GOP Grassroots Furious at Romney Over Akin, Abortion Rape Exception
In Advance of GOP Convention, Conservatives Approve "The Most Conservative Platform in Modern History"
Ryan Refuses to Explain "Forcible" Rape as Dems Attempt More Akin-izing of the GOP Ticket
The Lyin' King? Mitt Romney Team Forges Ahead with Factually Inaccurate Welfare Attacks on Obama
MO-Sen: Ignoring Deadline to Quit, G.O.P. Todd Akin Defies His Party Leaders
In Ohio, Obama rallies students, hits Romney on education funding
Romney Says Akin Should Quit Senate Race

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