Headlines: Editors’ Picks

President Obama has unleashed a carefully calibrated strategy to finesse the cleanup of the housing crash
MO-Sen: Tea Party candidate Todd Akin Says Victims of "Legitimate Rape" Won't Become Pregnant
Romney Campaign Works Feverishly to Project Warm, Relaxed Image
FBI investigates Congressmen Kevin Yoder's (R-KS) drunken, naked escapades in Israel
The new robber barons: how your tax dollars subsidize CEOs' multimillion salaries
Romney adviser proposing kicking 65 and 66 year old off of Medicare to pay for tax cuts for the rich (via Americablog)
Obama says GOP would raise costs for seniors, cut taxes for wealthiest
Democrats Revive Social Security Privatization Fight to Take Offensive on Paul Ryan (and His Running Mate Romney)
Obama pushes the value of teachers, education in weekly address

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