Headlines: Editors’ Picks

It's On: Democrats Rise to the Defense of Their Values
President Obama: Republican approach to education funding is backward
Paul Ryan Changed Financial Disclosure Forms While Being Vetted By Romney
Paul Ryan now admits he lied, and bthat his office did request stimulus funds
Daryl Johnson: I tried to warn them – but hate radio goaded DHS into gutting its unit focusing on domestic hard-right terrorism
Obama Campaign Goes After Ryan on Abortion And Women's Rights
FBI Arrests Top Fundraiser for Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY)
Watch this! ►  Paul Ryan Heckled at Town Hall: Á¸hy Did You Lie About Accepting Stimulus Funds?
Obama Campaign Offers Truce to Romney If He Will Release 5 Years of Tax Returns
Romney declines Obama deal on tax return releases
Federal Court Rules Florida's Shortening of Early Voting Discriminates Against Blacks
Romney maintains Medicare attack on Obama

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