Headlines: Editors’ Picks

Mitt Romney's official spokeswoman appeared to veer off message on Wednesday after she defended health reforms the Republican passed while Governor of Massachusetts
Megagaffe: Romney aide defends against negative ad by in effect endorsing Romneycare
Romney compares California's economy to Greece
KS, WA, MI, MO: in Primaries, Democrats' Preferred Candidates (Including Republicans) Are Winners
Appeals Court OKs Warrantless Wiretapping
Super Rich Hide $21Trillion in Foreign Tax Havens
Unhinged Terroprist Pleads Guilty: Jared Loughner, shooter who nearly killed Gabrielle Giffords, pleads guilty following months of treatment
Romney Proposes $80 Million Tax Cut for His Family
Obama Tells a Tale of "Romney Hood"
Obama Signs Law Criminalizing Westboro's Weapon of Choice
FBI: Right-wing terror is real
Sikh Temple Terrorist Was White Supremist, Member of Skinhead Band (via Liberaland)

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