Headlines: Editors’ Picks

NJ Senator Frank Lautenberg to Respond to Colorado By Introducing Gun Control Legislation (via Liberaland)
Support for voter ID laws linked to 'racial resentment'
Rep. Eric Cantor's (R-Corrupt) office wrote loophole into insider trading bill
President Obama addresses Colorado theater shooting
Mitt Romney Invested Millions in Firms That Pioneered High-Tech Outsourcing
Romney was still boss, kept reins on Bain after 1999, bargained on severance
Legal Battles Erupt Over Tough Voter ID Laws
The 2012 presidential campaign has become a battlefield of mocking, rhetorical missiles, many of them delivered in the form of cheap, quickly produced videos
What Happened When Mitt Romney Left Bain Capital
President Obama Urges Cyber Bill Passage as Hackers Probe Critical Networks 'Every Day'

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