Headlines: Editors’ Picks

DISCLOSE Campaign Spending Act Blocked By Senate Republicans
Macao Mob Money: Inside the Investigation of Leading Republican Money Man Sheldon Adelson
Republican 'Super PACs' Donate Millions for General Election
Romney Campaign Won't Say Who Was Running Bain After 1999
Obama Says He'll Try Again for Middle East Peace in Second Term
President Obama: "We Won't Be Apologizing"
Credit bureaus to get federal oversight for first time
President Obama: "We Won't Be Apologizing"
Obama repeats attack on Romney as 'pioneer of outsourcing'
New Document Adds to Evidence Against Romney's Bain Claims
Mitt Romney was driving during an accident in the 60s that killed a passenger
No Apologies: Obama Campaign Continues Attacks on Romney
U.S. to Let Florida Use Homeland Security Data for Voter Check
President Obama blasts House GOP tax plan as "more top-down economics"

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