Headlines: Editors’ Picks

President Obama: "We Won't Be Apologizing"
Obama repeats attack on Romney as 'pioneer of outsourcing'
New Document Adds to Evidence Against Romney's Bain Claims
Mitt Romney was driving during an accident in the 60s that killed a passenger
No Apologies: Obama Campaign Continues Attacks on Romney
U.S. to Let Florida Use Homeland Security Data for Voter Check
President Obama blasts House GOP tax plan as "more top-down economics"
Romney Campaign Hits Panic Button Following Bain Attacks
Romney has something to hide says he will release no more than two years of federal tax returns
Mitt Romney's Signature Appears on Bain SEC Filings During Time He Said He Left Bain
NY Fed Drops LIBOR Bombshells: Tim Geithner and other U.S. authorities were aware of international rate-fixing as early as 2007, reports Alex Klein
GOP Declares New War on IRS over Health Care Law

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