Headlines: Editors’ Picks

Obama Calls for Middle-Class Tax Cut Extension
Obama calls on Romney to disclose more tax returns
Romney Snub of Latino Convention Hands Obama Big Lead
FL Gov. Rick Scott embroiled in shocking TB scandal
Unions to hold 'shadow convention'
Parties' Tactics Eroding Unity Left and Right
6 States Call for Amendment to Overturn Citizens United Ruling
DSCC Files Complaint Over Conservative Groups That Shield Donors
Obama Poised for New Fight with G.O.P. Over Tax Cuts
Romney Raised $106 Million in June
Obama aide hints at tax evasion in challenge to Romney to release records
Democrats want Romney to explain offshore accounts
Democrats Want F.E.C. to Restrict Donor-Shielding Groups
Roberts' Health Care Ruling Sparks 'Deep' Supreme Court Discord
Romney Mines the Hamptons for Campaign Cash

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