Headlines: Editors’ Picks

McCain Attacks Romney Super PAC, Says "Corporations Are Not People"
Sen. John McCain: Billionaire Sheldon Adelson Bringing "Foreign Money" into U.S. Campaign
Obama to Stop Deporting DREAM-Eligible Youth, Protecting 1 Million Undocumented Students
Obama Says Election Offers a Clear Choice on the Economy's Long-Term Path
Obama: Romney is Bush 2.0
GOP Begins Blockade of Judicial Nominees
Revealed: 64 drone bases on U.S. soil (via Americablog)
Obama, Romney Face Off in Swing State Duel
Illegal Border Crossings into U.S. at Lowest Level in Nearly Four Decades
Senate Republicans Now Blockading Every Single Appeals Court Nominee
2,000th American Dies in Operation Enduring WarFreedoom
Sheldon Adelson Sets New Standard for Buying Politicians as Campaign Aid Surges into 8 Figures
Members of Congress call on Obama to justify drone strikes
Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid blasts GOP over "wall of blind obstruction"

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