Headlines: Editors’ Picks

For Obama and Romney, Nonstop Fund-Raising
GOP Front Group Suing States to Force Voter Purges
Republican Lawmakers and Holder Spar Over Leak Investigation
White House Official Says Drug Addiction Is a Public Health Issue, Not a Crime
Obama Targets Romney's Record in Swing States
Axelrod Floats Amendment to Stem Campaign Spending
AZ-08: Kelly, Barber Face Off to Replace Giffords in Special Election
Commerce Secretary Bryson, in Hit-and-Run, Said to Suffer Seizure
Election Regulators Approve Political Donations Via Text Message
Justice Department aims to avoid contempt vote on Holder over Fast and Furious
Department of Justice Sues Florida Over Voter Purge
Florida Governor Rick Scott Announces Florida Will Sue Department of Homeland Security Over Voter Purge
Growing Number of Republicans Fear Ultra-Partisan Extremism in Current GOP
Romney Campaign Chair: the Taxpayers Really Do Want to Hear There Will Be Fewer Teachers

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