Headlines: Editors’ Picks

"No excuse for inaction": Obama presses jobs plan, teachers in weekly address
Holder Directs U.S. Attorneys to Track Down Paths of Leaks
President Obama fires back at Mitt Romney and Republicans for playing "political games" over economy
Obama Camp Goes After Romney for Comments on Cops, Firefighters, Teachers
Florida Stops Illegal Voter Purge Search for Ineligible Voters on List
Harry Reid Says He'll Try to Change Filibuster Rules If Dems Retain Senate Majority
GOP groups top Democrats in TV spending by far
Obama Talks on the Economy
President Obama urges congressional action on his jobs plan
Obama uses UNLV stop to announce student loan repayment changes
Obama warns congress: act on student loan bill
Democrats Pounce on Evidence That Attacks on Romney's Bain Career Are Working
Romney dodged the draft
9 Swing States are Main Focus of Ad Blitz
New Clash in Congress on Gun Case Gone Wrong
GOP Election Supervisor Rebukes Gov. Scott, Refuses to Continue Voter Purge
Florida Governor Rick Scott Officially Defies Justice Department, Vows to Continue Voter Purge

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