Headlines: Editors’ Picks

Lawmakers Try to End Indefinite Detention in America
Counterterrorism Chief Urges Congress to Renew Surveillance Law
Romney Campaign Tries to Physically Prevent Journalists from Asking Questions
Dem Groups Planning Bold Move for Obama
Republicans Pledge New Standoff on Debt Limit
Obama Administration threatens to veto defense budget
National Democrats Step Up Involvement in Scott Walker Recall
DC Circuit Panel Rejects Request to Stay Pro-Campaign Disclosure Decision
Constitutionality of Filibuster to Be Challenged (via Liberaland)
Republicans Pledge New Standoff on Debt Limit
Top General Calls for Deep Cuts in Nuclear Arsenal
NewsCorp's Rebekah Brooks Will Be Indicted in Phone Hack Scandal
In Graduation Speech to Women, Obama Leaps into Gender Gap
Wisconsin Dems say DNC stalled financial backing for Walker recall election

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