Headlines: Editors’ Picks

Obama Unveils Sweeping Strategy for Battleground States
Obama Calling for Job Creation and Mortgage Relief
CIA Reportedly Foils Al Qaeda Bomb Plot Against U.S.-Bound Jet
President Obama has given Congress a to do list for the rest of the year
Obama Sees First Budget Surplus of Presidency
Soros Abandons Sidelines to Combat Citizens United-Spawned Groups
Federal Judges Toss Out 76 Class Actions Thanks to Last Year's Biggest SCOTUS Giveaway to Corporate America
White House Makes Big Threat Against GOP Bill
Obama Campaign to Spend $25 Million on Ads in May Alone
Dems Fight for Chance to Challenge Scott Walker in Wisconsin Recall
Feds release new draft rules for fracking (via Americablog)
Super PACs Spending Big on States
France, Greece reject Euroausterity, with global and American economic ramifications

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