Headlines: Editors’ Picks

Obama Addresses Nation from Afghanistan; Speech Focuses on End of War
Obama Marks Shift in Afghan Relations with Surprise Visit to Kabul
Romney Foreign Policy Spokesman Quits; Openly Gay Flack Left Under Pressure from Fundie Bigots
Mitt Romney cries uncle: I 'respect and admire' President Obama for finally taking out bin Laden
Obama Approach to Diplomacy Faces Test in China
Watch this! ►  New Obama Ad Hits Romney on Swiss Bank Account
UK parliamentary report finds Rupert Murdoch "unfit" to run a global company
Obama's Top Counterterrorism Adviser Defends Drone Strikes
Secret Service Subject to New Rules
Obama calls out Romney for chickening out on going after Osama bin Laden
'Hybrid PAC' Launches to Combat Super PACs
Apple Used Low-Tax States, Foreign Tax Havens to Dodge $2.4 Billion in Taxes Last Year

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