Headlines: Editors’ Picks

Romney Wins Easily in Illinois, Exit Polls Show
White House, Democrats respond to House GOP budget proposal: "Needs a laugh track"
Democratic Budget Head Slams GOP Budget as 'Ideological,' Based on 'Discredited Theory'
Tax Dodgers Beware: IRS Forms Elite 'SWAT Team'
Obama-Boehner Debt Deal Not on Table, Administration Officials Say
Candidates Disclose Fund-Raising
Rick Santorum: 'I don't care what the unemployment rate is going to be"
Corporations get tax breaks thanks to 'Citizens United'
Analysis ►  House GOP Targets Various Programs in Budget Plan
Major New Study Shows Which States Are Most, Least Corrupt (via Think Progress)
Romney Super PAC Takes Money from Government Contractors, Flouting Ban
Murdoch's paper hired Special Ops team to monitor UK police
Romney Launches Attack on Teachers Unions
Supreme Court Rejects Louisiana on Undocumented Immigrants Claim

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