Headlines: Editors’ Picks

President Obama calls for investing in a clean energy future
President Obama Waives Indefinite Military Detentions, Puts Civilian Law Enforcement in Charge
Mitt Romney has already blown more than $100 million fighting Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich
IRS May Make Political Groups Pay Dearly for Keeping Donors Secret – And Out Them!
South Carolina's Republican Lt. Gov. Ken "The Crook" Ard Resigns, Is Indicted in Ethics Scandal
WI Gov. Scott Walker Sets Up Legal Defense Fund
Analysis ►  How the Right's Smear Machine Started
White House Works to Shape Debate Over Health Law
Jobs report: 227,000 jobs created in February, unemployment rate unchanged at 8.3%
The Senate killed Republican-backed attempts to overturn several of President Barack Obama's environmental and energy policies Thursday

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