Headlines: Editors’ Picks

Mitt Romney Avoids Disaster with Narrow Michigan Win as Super Tuesday Looms
Romney wins Arizona
Democrats see 'razor close' battle to retake the House
U.S.: North Korea Agrees to Suspend Nuclear Activities
Despite Eric Cantor's So-Called 'Zero Tolerance' Policy, More Than 10 GOP Congressmen Embroiled in Ethics Scandals
Both Sides of House Aisle Concerned About John "Weepy McOrange-Glo" Boehner's Leadership
James Murdoch resigns as exec chair of News Intl
Obama forcefully rebuts Mitt Romney in speech to auto workers union
Obama to Autoworkers: Republicans Think 'You're Some Greedy Special Interest'
Obama Waives Rule Allowing Indefinite Military Detention of Americans
ME-Sen: Olympia Snowe Will Not Seek Reelection
Liberal Donor Network Democracy Alliance Dumps Progressive Organizations
Rupertgate Worsens Overnight: Court documents show deeper involvement in hacking at Murdoch paper
Report Claims Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Secretly Indicted in U.S.

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