• Obama unveils three last cabinet nominees
Obama commits to making U.S. leader in science once again | Obama: a Continued Economic Decline Is Not Acceptable
• MN-Sen: Franken Takes Lead in Recount; Cue the Fat Lady for Midnight Toker Norm Coleman?
• Bush announces $17.4 billion loan to GM and Chrysler
London Banker: “The market has failed, and officialdom is perpetuating that failure” | Corrupt Chairman Christopher Cox "Worked to Dismantle the SEC," Says Commission Vet Ed Nordlinger | SEC Watched Porn, Ran Private Businesses Instead of Catching Madoff, Report
• Mike Connell, GOP 'IT Guru' Recently Deposed in Ohio Election-Rigging Lawsuit, Reportedly Killed in Solo Plane Crash; Did Rove Have Him Killed?
More on death of Mike Connell from Ohio.com, WKYC (with video)

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