Freshman Congresscritter Watch

Here's a round-up of the latest on the incoming gaggle of House Republican freshpersons:

  • Ever-so-tech-savvy UtahRep.-to-be Jason Chaffetz is plugging his Twitter fetish for maximum public relations impact – no doubt to detract attention from the fact that he seems more obsessed with DC voters than his own constituents. Chaffetz is emerging early and forcefully as a real tool…
  • … almost as big a tool as Aaron Schock, who thinks it would be a great idea to sell Taiwan nuclear weapons.
  • The disreputable reactionary rag Human Events runs a puff piece on incoming arch-conservative Bill Posey. Looks like his press flack is doing a great job of promoting him – to America's worst social luddites, bigots, and Ann Coulter obsessives.
  • Columnist Blois Olson is no fan of instant runoff voting in Minnesota – probably because, as he admits, it would have prevented the election of Erik Paulsen (and the reelection of disgusting McCarthyite Michele Bachmann).
  • "'The challenges are going to be enormous,' Dr. Phil Roe (R-TN01) told the Elizabethton Rotary Club on Wednesday as he discussed the job Congress has before it when the new session starts next month." That's right – but the reason the "challenges" will be "enormous" for the hapless doctor it is that he's trapped in the no-agenda, no-majority, know-nothing Party of Regression.

We will continue to report on the "Caucus of Yesterday" House GOP freshmen as developments warrant.

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