• Obama lays out vision for education reform steeped in ‘deep pragmatism' and not ‘clouded by ideology.'
• Obama's Economic Plans: Overhaul TARP, Help Borrowers Facing Mortgage Foreclosures
Sen. Ken Salazar (D-CO) Tapped to Clean Up Scandal-Ridden Interior Dept. | Tom Vilsack : Secretary of Agriculture | IL-Sen: Special Election for Obama's Seat Put on Hold, Could Be in Serious Trouble
• Cheney admits authorizing detainee's torture
Maddow: Cheney Confesses to War Crimes | Olbermann: Cheney Confesses to War Crimes
• IL-Sen: ABC reports Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) worked with feds on previous case involving Blagojevich; did Jackson blow whistle on Rezko?
More: Blagojevich Turned Down Jesse Jackson Jr's Wife for Job After Jesse Refused to Pay Blago Bribe | Lawyer: Blagojevich Won't Resign, 'We're Going to Fight This Case'

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