Ultraconservative Congresscritter Roundup

Back on November 7th, Jeff Koopersmith identified seventeen incoming ultra-right-wing Congresscritters that should be monitored by progressives. Following is our first installment of Ultraconservative Congresscritter Roundup:

  • "No seniority, no clout; Welcome to Congress": Michael Norris "congratulates" Nevada's 4th CD for choosing Tom McClintock over Charlie Brown in a deliciously snlrky letter to the editor published by regional Nevada paper The Union.
  • A piece at Scripps webpaper TCPalm.com frames incoming Florida Congresscritters Bill Posey and Tom Rooney as earmark hawks – followed by a list of earmarks nabbed by their predecessors for their congressional districts. Let's see how their stance goes over with the local educational institutions, municipalities and Chambers of Commerce.
  • It looks as if both incoming Congresscritters Pete Olson (IL-22) and  Aaron Schock (IL-18) have a little financial explaining to do in the wake of mailings pleading with supporters to clean up their campaign debts.

Ee'll steer you to more details on the menagerie as circumstances warrant.

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