• President-elect Barack Obama lays out key parts of Economic Recovery Plan
Obama unveils biggest public works investment since Eisenhower planned | The Counterinsurgents' Defense Secretary: in an Article, Gates Lays Out the Emerging Strategy of the Obama Administration | Obama: Job Losses a "Crisis" But Also An "Opportunity"
• Deal! Interim Rescue of Automakers Moves Forward in Congress
MN-Sen: Franken up by 4 votes after hand count, campaign says | Sen. Ted Kennedy Steps Down from Judiciary to Focus on Universal Healthcare | MN-Sen: More Ballots Found in Democratic Stronghold | Nadler Plans Constitutional Amendment to Curtail Pardon Power
• Gonzo's Lawyer Quits Civil Case. Another Sign That Prosecutor Is Circling?
• Better late than never, but not much: Bush acknowledges for first time that US economy is 'in a recession'
• Supreme Court to Rule on President's Power to Detain without Trial
• Sen. Norm Coleman (R-MN) Won't Say Whether He's Under Investigation in Kazeminy Case
• Blackwater guards indicted for Iraq massacre
• Indian Police Foiled Earlier Plot Against Mumbai
• Interior Dept. overturns regulation, clearing the way for concealed, loaded firearms into national parks

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