• Worst job losses in a month in 34 years: 533,000…
• Automakers return to D.C. with revised pitch
Dems Give White House Ultimatum on Auto Bailout | Protesters chant 'bailout is a sellout' as Big 3 execs testify | Dodd: Auto Industry Bridge Loan Should Include Financial Industry Regulation
• Reps. John Conyers (D-MI14) and Jerry Nadler (D-NY8) Press Mukasey on Statements Denying Criminal Liability of Bush Officials
• Culture of Corruption Trifecta of Headlines in Siegelman Prosecution, Paulose misconduct, Blackwater scandals
Isikoff: Rove may testify to special prosecutor
• Iraq Approves the Status of Forces Agreement
• An 'unprecedented shift' on U.S. policy towards Cuba
• The entire national mall will be used for the massive crowds expected at Obama's inauguration

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