• Obama has been assembling a tight progressive cadre to serve with him in the White House
Preview: Obama announces the National Security Team | Consensus emerges for bold federal action on universal healthcare | Clinton faces huge challenges as top US diplomat
• Paul Krugman: What to Do to Get the Economic Crisis Under Control
Economic rescue could cost $8.5 trillion
• India warns of 'grave setback' to Pakistan ties
Pakistan warns West: we cannot fight Al Qaeda if crisis escalates | Mumbai Attacks 'Were a Ploy to Wreck Obama Plan to Isolate Al-Qaeda' | Bush Sending Condoleezza Rice to India in Aftermath of Attacks
• Right Wing Talkers, Including Hannity and Limbaugh, Skirted Disclosure Law, Parroted Administration Talking Points… and Committed Treason
• Homeland Security in disarray, officials warn
• "Torture has cost nearly as many lives as 9/11"

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