• Obama Agenda: EPA, Interior Department Face Most Radical Post-Bush Overhaul
Celebrity Bobblehead Chris Matthews Staffing Up for Probable Senate Run in 2010 | MN-Sen: Hey, If the Bush Boy Could Do It… Franken Eyes Legal Options After Absentee Battle Loss
• Bailout status report: Paulson has spent the first $350 billion, must ask Congress for second $350 billion
Meltdown far from over, new mortgage crisis looms
• Mumbai Massacre: Slow-motion siege continues at Nariman Building and Taj Hotel
Five hostages found dead at Mumbai Jewish center following bold commandos raid; hotel raids free hostages
• Iraqi Parliament Passes U.S.-Iraq Basing Pact; U.S. May Have to Leave by May 2010
• Five more members of Congress being probed in Duke Cunningham bribery affair
Ex-defense contractor Mitchell Wade drops hints of another major corruption scandal

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