• Mumbai Massacre: Over 100 Dead in Multiple Paramilitary Terrorist Attacks Across City
Indian PM vows action on attacks | Mumbai gunmen target British, Americans and Jews | Eyewitnesses: Gunmen were 'very young, like boys, really' | A look at the targets of Mumbai terrorist siege | Hostages freed in Mumbai paramilitary terror siege
• Obama Demolishes Media's ‘Conventional Wisdom’: ‘The vision for change comes from me!’
Obama Names Jon Favreau (The Speechwriter, Not the Actor) Speechwriter | Obama Hits Auto Execs as "Tone Deaf," Demands "Ethic of Responsibility" for Business Bigs | Obama announces Economic Recovery Advisory Board
• MN-Sen: Key Franken Request on Recount Denied – for Now
• You Cannot Pardon a Crime You Authorized
Lieberman Donated to GOPs: Gordon Smith, Peter King
• Iraqi parliament approves SOFA
• Obama family visits food bank, school on Thanksgiving Eve

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